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Transforming sales and optimizing revenue growth with generative AI

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Unlock new levels of sales success and efficiency with HyprWin, your innovative AI sales enablement platform. Our pioneering technology transforms undeveloped raw data into strategic sales insights, empowering growth through impactful value-centric selling and sales process efficiency.


Not just a sales tool

HyprWin is your pathway to sustainable sales excellence.

Our AI algorithms provide ongoing personalized reinforcement of sales process, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement among your sales team while helping deliver unmatched value to your customers.

By streamlining your sales process, HyprWin lets you focus more on your prospects and less on non-client-facing activities, saving you valuable time and resources. Our efficient automation capabilities maximize your operational efficiency, helping you achieve growth.

HyprWin accelerates prospecting with the largest knowledge graph of organizational data in the world

We get it, you already have some great customers and all you need is more like them. You could spend hours trying to uncover some common trends and similarities, or you could let HyprWin AI find other companies just like them using powerful algorithmic look-a-likes, adding any attributes you want revenue, employee count, anything. It's that easy.


Expansive Organizational Network

The HyprWin Knowledge Graph spans over 251.8 million organizations, with more being added every week. Gain unprecedented access to potential new clients


Diverse Industry Representation

Spanning over 245 industries, our database includes over 29.1M retailers, 18.2M hospitality businesses, and 8.2M software companies. Uncover new opportunities across diverse markets.


Comprehensive Employee Insights

Benefit from comprehensive insights into employee headcounts, inferred by AI and sourced from public records. Helps you understand your prospects better!


In-depth Revenue Data

Delve into detailed revenue data with 99.5% coverage, inferred by AI and sourced from public filings. Gain valuable insights into your prospects financial health!


Detailed Industry Categorization

HyprWin provides 87.9% coverage of both standard industry categories and non-standard descriptors, extracted by AI. Gain nuanced understanding of each industry you serve!


Extensive Government Classification Data

Effortlessly navigate complex industry classifications such as SIC, NACE, NAICS, and MCC. Navigate through complex industry classifications effortlessly!

Empowering tech startups and SaaS sellers with the winning formula needed to outperform quota targets

As sellers we intricately understand the challenges of managing complex sales cycles and are committed to helping you overcome them. That's why we developed HyprWin, our powerful platform combines cutting-edge AI with intuitive design to help you close more deals, faster.

HyprWin empowers sales teams with the modern tools, sales frameworks, generative AI, and data insights they need to succeed:

AI-enhanced lead generation

Unlock a new era of lead gen, analyze intricate prospect patterns, behaviors, and attributes, ensures engagement with the most promising prospects.

Data-driven sales strategy

Benefit from big data analysis of prospect industry trends, revenue data, and employee insights. Align to your market and customer preferences.

Targeted efficient prospecting

Harness the power of advanced AI to prospect with precision. Identify high-value targets faster and allocate resources more effectively.

AI qualification assessment

Leverage algorithms to rank lead quality. Streamlines sales pipelines with data-driven insights, ensures focus on quality opportunities.

Precision discovery analysis

Smart algorithms enhance discovery of client pain points, critical business issues, decision criteria metrics, and upcoming compelling events.

Optimized client validation

Enhanced demonstration effectiveness and validition, helping buyers quickly gain confidence in your product or service.

Strategic scoping & alignment

Promotes clear communication and goal alignment with clients by defining the scope of client needs and business objectives.

Streamlined paper process

Streamlines the procurement process, minimizing obstacles for quicker and more efficient closing of deals.

Integrates with existing tools

HyprWin seamlessly integrates with your existing sales tools and technology stack.

Accelerate your wins

Frustrated by poor quality leads and slow sales cycles?

Learn how HyprWin helps find your ideal prospects while accelerating your sales cycles via proven optimization frameworks.

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